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    HLP to Cease Operations on December 31st, 2019


Whether you are buying a home or receiving counseling on how to prevent a foreclosure, we stay neutral to allow for all participants to trust the process.


Our applications are built with input from counselors, investors, and servicers and we continue to shape our development based on your input!


It's hard to trust a process if all parties are not transparent. We understand that. We document every step and make those logs available to all parties.

About Us

HLP is a national, neutral and nonprofit utility that unifies the efforts to help families achieve and sustain homeownership.

  • Resources for Homeowners
  • We bring together all parties in the process
  • Trusted by the top twenty Servicers
  • Over 6,000 non profit housing counselors registered
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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in the housing industry. Our resources extend from the foreclosure prevention side all the way to the pre-purchase counseling side.

Let's work together to make homeownership achievable and sustainable.

Homeowner Connect

HLP established Homeowner Connect to provide consumers with educational materials and housing counselor resources when seeking information on mortgage assistance.

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Foreclosure Prevention

HLP works with mortgage companies, attorneys and nonprofit counseling agencies to help homeowners request a loan modification or other solution.

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Foreclosure Mediation

Available in the 27 states that require or encourage mediation in conjunction with the judicial foreclosure process, HLP is a trusted resource for a growing number of mediators, servicers and attorneys.

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HLP.Guru is the nation’s first technology platform that enables nonprofit housing counselors, mortgage lenders, community leaders and others to collaborate and help individuals and families achieve homeownership.

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Post-Purchase Support

Helping homeowners successfully navigate the first year of homeownership.

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Mandatory Counseling & Education

Many new affordable housing programs have a counseling or education requirement associated with them. HLP can help potential borrowers meet these requirements through our platform.

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Designed with security in mind

Documents and data are encrypted in transfer, encrypted at rest, and encrypted in backups. Our redundant infrastructure provides a realible service to make all parts of the process easier.

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What People Say About Us

We are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our partners.

While we continue to see improvement in the housing market, at Wells Fargo we view HLP as a key tool that streamlines operations for all parties. We continue to provide financial support for the portal because common alignment helps homeowners get answers faster.

Joe Ohayon Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

HLP will continue to help homeowners get back on track, working with pre-purchase counseling agencies and lenders that desire to reach all ends of the market. Our delight with HLP is the focus on the full lifecycle of the loan which allows for all stakeholders to properly communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Faith Schwartz Senior Adviser to Accenture

HLP.Guru is unique consumer financial app. Unlike the “free credit report sites” that serve 60 million consumers per month, it’s a sophisticated app that allows a consumer to develop their own financial plan, or alternatively, seek on-demand administrative assistance from deeply-qualified counselors.

Ed DeShields, Founder & CEO of CE Analytics

The new HLP.Guru is unique program that will help many people take the steps needed to become a homeowner. We want to educate people to make certain that they understand how a mortgage works and where they can find funds for a down payment.

Tim Brown NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver, Founder of the Tim Brown Foundation