HLP to Cease Operations Effective December 31, 2019

WASHINGTON, November 06, 2019. Last month, the HLP board of directors made the decision to close its operations, effective on December 31. HLP will permanently stop providing all services and any agreements HLP has with servicers or other organizations will end on this date.

  1. What is happening to HLP?
  2. HLP is ceasing operations effective December 31, 2019. HLP was created in the midst of the mortgage crisis to serve the critical need of connecting homeowners with services in order to avoid foreclosure. As the HLP board looked ahead, it was clear that there was no longer a need for a utility like HLP in the post-crisis servicing space.
  3. I would like to continue to receive loss mitigation cases via HLP’s web portal. What options do I have?
  4. The underlying technology behind HLP’s loss mitigation platform & HomeownerConnect (HOC) was developed and maintained by IndiSoft. Those interested in maintain these servicers can contact the CEO of IndiSoft, Hans Rusli at Hans.Rusli@indisoft.us. IndiSoft has committed to maintain the platform after HLP’s close.
  5. What happens to cases that are still being reviewed on December 30th?
  6. If Servicers are not planning to continue services with IndiSoft, those Servicers will be asked to begin processing the case outside of the HLP platform. HLP will be proactively reaching out to those Servicers on December 10th to remind them to move cases outside of the platform.
  7. Who should I contact after January 1st if I still have questions or issues related to the HLP platform?
  8. Though HLP will be ceasing operations on December 31st, we will be working in January to complete final close out items. Please contact Mark Cole, the President & CEO of HLP, at Mark.Cole@hlp.org
  9. Can I get an archive of all documents submitted to my organization?
  10. Yes, please reach out to Mark Coleto discuss the process. There will be a cost for providing this archive as detailed in the contract.