Working Together To Help Heroes

The Yellow Ribbon Network (YRN) can amplify your organization’s efforts and hone in on the Heroes whose needs are closely aligned to your objectives. By augmenting the success of each partner organization, we achieve our own goal of ensuring our Heroes are getting the best possible care from an extensive array of support providers.

HLP & the YRN are working together to provide aid & resources for our nation's heroes.

How We Help

The Yellow Ribbon Network (YRN) is an industry platform that affords Military and Veteran non-profits the resources to scale and become truly efficient while staying compliant with HIPAA. Hero applicants to the YRN are screened to verify background information, through a real-time history of their profile, which is visible to all registered nonprofit partners. Heroes are defined as, Servicemembers, Veterans, Survivors, Caregivers, and family members. The Yellow Ribbon Network is an ecosystem where Heroes can simplify their search, regardless of their needs, and connect with multiple non-profits best positioned to serve provide assistance.